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Our Company

As you browse our website, we hope that you appreciate our wide range and unique collection of headwear. We believe that we offer our clients the following "points of difference" as a headwear provider.

Product Selection

Based on our work with an eclectic group of clients, we're able to "think outside the box," and offer you more than the standard cap, beanie or straw hat. Our products include classic core items as well as the latest fashion trends and styles.


Our executive staff has the experience of working in the apparel/headwear industry as a vendor and on-staff. Additionally, our staff has been integral in the sales and marketing for several of the most prestigious brands, retailers and events/properties in the world.


We're committed to utilizing our resources and capabilities to partner with you and develop your headwear opportunity from concept through delivery. This commitment to partnership includes working to identify the right product, negotiating a competitive price, and assisting with the "sell-in" to the customer as needed.

Production Quality

Our executive staff possesses a combined 100 years experience in the apparel and headwear industry and we hold our manufacturing and production staff to the highest standards. This allows us to stand behind the quality of all of our work.