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Production Facilities

United States

In 1972 when our company first began production of headwear, we established USA operations. Many of those same partnerships and production operations produce our headwear to this day.

Based on our USA production capabilities we can offer quick turnaround (vs. overseas), hands-on quality control both of which help with "hot market/style" opportunities.

As our business grew we began adding production partners in other countries.

Czech Republic

In the early 80s we began working in the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) to import wool headwear such as berets. The wool from the Czech Republic is considered some of the finest quality in the world. Our wool berets continue to be one of the best sellers with retailers, private label brands and promotional customers looking for a traditional look that can only be captured by a real beret.


In the early 80s we also began importing some of the great straw hats from Mexico. In Mexico they have been producing straw hats for function and fashion for many years. Our straw hats from Mexico include high-end western styles as well as promotional priced version and novelty priced styles and designs.


Beginning in 1994, PRT was on the first wave of overseas production in China when we produced our first items in Mainland China. Since that time we have partnered with several of the largest and most complete factories in China for headwear. Our reach into China extends from Shenzhen in the south to Nanjing in the north. Our President and Vice President personally work with our China partners on the factory floor in China several times a year.