Philadelphia Rapid Transit

Markets Served

  • Retail Fashion Clients
  • Premium/Promotions Industry
  • Private Label Development and Production

PRT is in a unique position to combine production, sourcing and design experience to focus on headwear - and only headwear. It is this focus that allows us to expand our headwear designs and styles to partner with a wide-range of customers.

During the course of 33 years in the headwear business, we have been able to "cross-develop" and create unique items for all three of our key markets.

For example when a major retail customer looks to us for the latest in fashion and hipster styles we can offer several options based on current inventory or custom designs.

At the same time our premium/promotions customers constantly ask us for "something different" from the usual baseball cap such as a new look that they saw in a fashion/entertainment magazine.

As we utilize our own sourcing and production capabilities we are able to meet the demands of international private label clients who need to outsource their manufacturing. In this division, we work with brands/companies to partner with their vision for headwear as a focus of their business or to compliment a brand image and consumer expectations.

In all cases our point-of-difference is product diversity - varying fabrics, designs and logo applications in both our stock items and custom orders.